Thursday, September 03

Singapore Brides...

Singapore Brides featured our lovely shoes online and created a lovely gallery!
Our shoes are ever so popular with Brides out in Singapore...

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Wednesday, September 02

Marian Rivera

Marian Rivera is a Spanish-Filipina commercial model and actress, best-known for her roles in Marimar, Dyesebel, Amaya and Temptation of Wife!  She wore a electric blue ballerina pair of shoes last week bought in Level Shoe District.  Our social media went CRAZY after she wore the shoes.  Marian got over an overwhelming 20,000 likes on her instagram and Facebook pages.  We've been inundated with ladies hoping...

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Friday, August 14

Watch Anish

Did we tell you all about our project with Watch Anish??
Girls are obsessed with shoes and guys are literally obsessed with watches.
Watch Anish is a huge Instagram sensation and he has millions of followers.
Watch this space and here is a sneak preview.
A model + Ferrari + Aruna Seth shoes + Rodger Dubuis = WATCH ANISH

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Wednesday, August 12

Private Jets

Aruna Seth shoe wearers love a bit of private-jet travel...
AIR Magazine in Dubai featured a great interview on our brand in a recent magazine.
Detailing the history of the brand and Aruna Seth's pattern for creating shoes.
We're delighted the magazine will be placed in 9,000 private jets across the Middle-East.

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Friday, August 07

Let's reminisce about being a British Brand

A few years ago it was the Queen's Jubilee and we created a beautiful Union Jack pair of wedges.
An incredible pair of Swarovski encrusted wedges in red, blue and white!
We got a lot of attention with these babies, the shoes appeared in the Daily Express, The Metro and Telegraph with Aruna Seth modelling them herself.


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